The advantages of Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF)

The Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF), offers several advantages over traditional building and insulation material. Although it has a higher price compared with conventional material, people who use SPF will find cost being paid back through other forms within a short time, such as energy saving, higher air quality, moiture and mold management, noise reduction and the overall house strength against hurricane or other forms of natural disaster.


Our study shows that the cost people spend on SPF will usually be paid back within one year through the form of energy saving. SPF can keep the indoor temperature at a relatively constant level so that people don't have to spend a lot on the heating systems during winter or spend on air conditon during summer. Especially at an age in which the price of fussel resource is hiking, it is a good investment in SPF.


Moiture and Mold Management: SPF can be filled into the cracks in the building envelope and the gaps in doors and windows to prevent mold and other forms of pollutant from infiltrating, therefore not only saving energy cost, but also improve the air quality of the building.


SPF can also protect residents from natural disasters by improving the overall stability and strength of the structure, making the house a real shelter for people when facing hurricanes or earthquake.


People may find the higher price of SPF unjustified since the effect of SPF are mostly invisible to ordinary households. However, it does help to save living expense in the invisible way. SPF is in face one of the best insulation materials known to man. And SPF can usually eliminate the need for other material by its superior quality, which in turn helps the household to save a large amount of their living expense and helps company to saves a large number of their operation cost. It's an investment worth taking.


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