SILPUR Insulation services


We do Open cell insulations
is a type of foam where the tiny cells are not completely closed. Open cell is less expensive because it uses fewer chemicals. It is a very good air barrier but does not provide any type of water vapor barrier. It is much more sponge-like in appearance. It is often used for interior walls because it provides sound reduction. It is not recommended for outdoor applications.

We do closed cell foam insulations
Closed cell foam insulation is much denser than open cell. It has a smaller, more compact cell structure. It is a very good air barrier as well as a water vapor barrier. It is often used in roofing projects or other outdoor applications, but can be used anywhere in the home.

Many of our specialized professional service include:

•Basement Insulation
•Crawl spaces insulation
•Floor insulation
•Garage insulation
•Walls, windows and air sealing the leaks
•Attic insulation and air sealing
•Air ducts sealing and insulation
•Ice dams prevention and removal/repair
•Removal of old insulation

New Constructions
Nothing needs a well done insulation job like a new construction. Newly constructed buildings will lose much heat if not properly insulated with our modern approach. Losing heat will directly impact your electricity/energy bill and HVAC costs (in some cases it could be as much as 40%). Properly insulated house will have great noise insulation, will keep the moisture out – and so the harmful mildew and mold away, protecting you from rodents and insects and will keep your air ventilation clean.


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